Personnel Policy

Personnel Policy

Baxter Public Library


1. Job Descriptions                

• Library Director will

  1. Hire staff and make work schedules
  2. Oversee the day-to-day running of the library
  3. Fill out all state forms, including accreditation
  4. Keep up state certification
  5. Attend board meetings to report on the budget and keep the board up-to-date on library activities


• Other Staff is responsible for

               a.  Checking in books, shelving books, and helping patrons

               b.  Cleaning and keeping the library orderly

               c.  Other duties assigned by the director


2. Filling Vacancies

• Recruitment

  1. All library positions will be advertised and applications taken.
  2. The board is responsible for recruiting and hiring a director.
  3. All other staff positions will be hired by the director.
  4. All new employees will be on probation for three months.


3. Employee Evaluations

           • Director

                           a.  The director will be evaluated by the board yearly.

                           b. The written evaluation will be located in personnel files.

           • Other Staff

                           a. Staff will be evaluated by the director yearly.

                           b. The written evaluation will be located in personnel files.


4. Personnel Records

           •  Records, including applications and evaluations will be kept on all employees.

                           Each employee file is available to him/her, who may copy their records. He/she  may ask for corrections to be made to the records.  If Director does not agree with the requested corrections, the Director will respond in writing with reasons for not making changes in the employee’s records.

•  Employee records may be reviewed by the board in closed sessions.

• Employees are required to update their personnel files when they experience a change of name, address, phone, or emergency contact.


5. Resignations and Dismissals

• Resignations shall be submitted in writing.  They will be filed with the employee’s records.

• Dismissals will occur only after the employee has been given written warning of any just cause unless the situation warrants immediate dismissal.

• To protest a dismissal by the library director, the employee may appeal to the library board.  This meeting will be in closed session.

• Causes for discipline or dismissal

                        a. Insubordination

                        b. Theft of Library property or money, or acting in a careless or negligent manner with Library money or property.

                        c. Willful or continued violation of Library rules and policies.

                        d. Abusive or improper treatment during the performance of duty to any member of the public, fellow employee or city official, including harassment on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status,                             mental or physical handicap or disability: or any behavior which has the effect of producing a hostile work environment.                                           

e. Tardiness, failure to report for work, or failure to maintain a satisfactory attendance record.                                                                                                      

f. Failure to satisfactorily and consistently perform the duties of the position; incompetence, inefficiency, or negligence in the performance of assigned duties; unauthorized dissemination of non-public information acquired during the performance of duties                                        for the Library.

            g. Violations of the Federal Drug Free Workplace Act, violation of City Personnel Policies, or any other rules or regulations promulgated by the Library.

            h. Lying or providing false, inaccurate, or incomplete information either verbally or in writing; falsification, alteration, deletion of required information, or failure to include material information on any application or Library record.

            i. Inappropriate use of telephone lines, photocopy services, computer or other Library-owned property.

            j. Illegal activities and/or conviction of a crime closely or directly related to the ability of employees to perform their job effectively.

            k. Activity which involves conflict of interest.

            l. Revealing confidential Library records or unauthorized use of privileged information.


6. Salaries

           • Director

                                    a.  The board will strive to keep the director’s salary at a rate consistent with other libraries of our size and with similar education qualifications.

                                    b. The director will be paid to attend training to keep up certification.

                                    c.  The director will be reimbursed for travel expenses resulting from training in other cities that is necessary for certification or to run the library more efficiently.



           • Other Staff

                           a. Other staff will be paid minimum wage unless the board votes otherwise.


7.  Benefits  •  Benefits including insurance, workman’s compensation, paid vacation and sick leave will be set by city policies.  They are only available to employees who work more than 35 hours a week.                                                                                     

•  IPERS is available to all employees working more than six hours per pay period.


8.  Staff Development

           •  New staff training will be conducted by the director on a one-on-one basis.       

           •  Training will be done on an as needed basis with current staff.


9.  Vacations and Leaves  • Vacation  a. Vacations will be approved by the library director depending on the availability of staff to cover hours.                                                                                         

                            b.  Vacations will be unpaid unless the employee regularly works more than 35 hours a week.                                                                                    

 •  Holidays         a.  Holidays will be New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The library director will determine other days the library will be closed.                                                             

                            b. Holidays will be unpaid unless the employee works more than 35 hours a week                                                                                                                        

 • Funerals

               a. The library director will determine the number of days off allowed for death of a family member or close friend.  Days off will be with no pay.

               b. Death of a family member time off will only be unpaid unless the

                        employee works more than 35 hours a week.                                                           

•  Jury Duty   

               a.  The library will pay the difference between what the court pays and the daily salary for up to ten days.                                                                     

•  Personal Leave

               a.   Personal time off will be approved by the director based on the ability                                    of staff to cover hours.

               b.   Personal time off will be unpaid unless the employee works more than                                  35 hours a week.

• Sick Leaves                                                                                                                          

              a.  Employees must promptly notify Director of their inability to work a scheduled work period.                                                                      

              b. Penalties for intentional misuse of sick leave will be imposed at the discretion of the director.                                                                                                           

             c.  A physicians statement as proof of illness can be requested if an employee misses more than 3 consecutive days of work                                              

            d.  Sick leave will be unpaid unless the employee works more than 35 hours a week.



Approved __06/02/2011______________


Approved     02/03/2015________________________





Signature of board president Renee Hammer